Ecolibrium Financial Planning, a former Registered Investment Advisory firm of Greg Pitts, has become an integral part of Natural Investments, LLC, a leading national firm of a dozen advisors, offering values-based investment advice and management, along with financial planning services. 

As a Partner and Financial Advisor with Natural Investments, with offices in Ithaca, White Plains, and New York City, I work with individuals, families and small businesses who are interested in integrating their finances with their values.  I provide my clients with objective advice and guidance so they can be confident that the socially responsible investment advice and financial planning advice they are getting is in their best interest.  My goal is to help you gain a balanced and secure personal financial future.

Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) and Impact Investing:  Are there investments you want to avoid for philosophical reasons? Are you interested in investing in companies that recognize their responsibility to act as ethical players in society and in the environment?  Do you want to find ways to invest in your community?  Are you interested in the impact that your investments may foster? Many clients are interested in making a positive impact with their investments.  I specialize in sustainable, responsible, impact investing and welcome the opportunity to explore the opportunities with you. More...


Compensation.  I am compensated by, and work solely for, my clients.  I have no products to sell, nor earn commissions.  I work solely on a fee-only basis.

  1. Investment advice and management.  I offer advice and management of investment assets for an on-going fee. Fee-only means my compensation comes solely from you and so the advice is not influenced by, or limited to, any particular financial products. 

  2. Hourly, Fee-Only financial planning. Whether you are just starting out or planning to retire, you can benefit from hourly, fee-only financial planning. I work with people from all walks of life who seek guidance on an as needed basis in any particular area of personal finance.

A fiduciary is looking out for your best interests.  Many “financial advisors” do not have the obligation to provide advice that is in your best interest.   We believe that you should expect the advice you’re receiving to be objective.  Is your financial advisor a fiduciary?  As an investment advisor regulated under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, I adhere to the Natural Investments Code of Ethics adapted from the Certified Financial Planner Board.


A commitment to sustainability.  As a business operating on an interconnected and fragile planet I am committed to the practice of sustainable business.  I strive to reduce the size of our footprint on the planet while increasing the positive impact we have in our community and in society.


Contact me today for a complementary, half-hour, no-obligation get-acquainted meeting to see how I can help you gain a balanced and secure financial future.


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